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Award-Winning Author


Winner of BookFest Spring 2023 Third Place for Fiction/ Fantasy/ Humorous.

Nobody writes a story like M. Scott Smallwood. He writes with a style that keeps almost everyone fully engaged. Once you pick up one of his books, you won't be able to put it down.

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About the Author

M. Scott Smallwood is an author whose story is anything, but ordinary. By the time he was thirteen years of age, he had already seen most of the U.S. and Europe. Born in 1980, he grew up as a child of a U.S. Army staff sergeant and traveled to many parts of the world. He was in Washington state when Mt. St. Helens erupted, Berlin, Germany during the removal of the Berlin wall, and lived in the New Orleans area during the devastation of hurricane Katrina. Both of his grandfathers, who served in the military during World War II, would share their stories with young M. Scott until they passed away when he was only eighteen years of age. Also, at the age of eighteen, he would learn about a significant piece of his past which lead him to relocate to the New Orleans area from southern Indiana and begin to work in the oil and gas industry. After many years of working in the oil and gas industry, he recalled the accounts shared with him by his grandfathers, his childhood experiences around the world, and his young adult experiences, and began to use them as inspiration for his first novel titled, Dreams of War.

Now, a father of two young boys, M. Scott became inspired to write a magical adventure series, beginning with The Thrilling Adventures of the Secluded Man.

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